There are 8888 Moonkeys NFTs. The first 1,500 NFTs are free. The remaining 7388 NFTs are priced at 0.008 ETH each.

Nope! Everyone has equal chances to mint.

No limit.

You can mint up to 3 Moonkeys per transaction during the free mint (first 1,500 NFTs) and 10 Moonkeys per transaction for the remaining 7,388 NFTs.

We don’t need a discord server.

1. Install the metamask.io extension for the Chrome browser on your PC and create an Ethereum wallet. You can also use your Ethereum wallet in any other app as an alternative.

2. Purchase Ether from various exchanges, such as Coinbase or Binance, and transfer it to your Ethereum wallet.

3. Go to the MINT page of our website.

4. Connect your Ethereum wallet (your Ethereum wallet app (e.g., MetaMask) will ask you to confirm this action).

5. Select the amount to mint.

6. Click the “MINT” button. Your Ethereum wallet app (e.g., MetaMask) will ask you to confirm the transaction.

7. Your NFT will appear on the OpenSea soon.

The easiest way is to log in to OpenSea using the same wallet you used for minting. Next, go to your profile. You can find your NFTs in the 'Collected' section.

No. only the first 1,500 NFTs are accessible to everyone (some for free list winners); you will only need to pay gas to mint one of these first 1,500.

Here you go: 0x09A9B1061F15A4d1c4c247EF9284fF38000BAD2A

125 Moonkeys will be reserved for creators. All others will go to the public mint.

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